Base camp

The place chosen to locate the base camp is in the town of Sant Joan de les Abadesses, belonging to the province of Girona in the Ripollés region, located between Camprodón and Ripoll. It is mainly configured by the Albergue de la Ruta del Ferro, the old train station warehouse, and its surrounding spaces. The organization will also have sports, cultural and leisure facilities provided by the Sant Joan de les Abadesses town hall.

The base camp of "Catalunya-Pirineus" is very close to the best canyons in the area. Just 31 km from "Torrent de la Corba", 32 km from "Freser Superior", 33 km from "Gorges de Núria", 35 km from "Salt de Sallent" and "Torrent de les Cavorques", 40 km from "Sant Aniol” and “Les Canals”, 53 km from “Pas de l'Escalell”...

All participants will have access to the base camp of the "RIC2023.CAT Catalunya-Pirineus" regardless of whether they have booked accommodation or not at the time of registration. Access to the facilities will be controlled by personal and non-transferable identification.

Several spaces will be enabled:

  • The "Canyon-Welcome" space is the registration area for participants, the reception area, the information point, the meeting point...

  • The "Canyon-Equipment" space, a space for manufacturers, material distributors, bookstores, demonstrations...

  • The "Canyon-PRO" space, a space for professionals in the sector, canyoning guides, adventure companies, national and international training and qualification schools.

  • The "Canyon-MasterClass" space, where we will hold conferences and workshops.

  • The "Canyon-FIC" space is a space dedicated to the organizations that make up the "Fédération Internationale de Canyonisme", where the annual assembly and specific work meetings between its leaders will be held.

  • The “Canyon-Fest” space, where we will hold the grand final dinner, where the awards ceremony and scheduled tributes will take place. Enlivened in the best way we can think of.