The RIC2023.CAT organization wants to provide all participants with the possibility of canyoning of all kinds, regardless of the number of days they are with us. For this reason, we not only propose the ones closest to the base camp (perimeter of 1 hour by car) but we also add two areas, a little further away, which will allow us to increase the catalog of available canyons, increasing the number of extraordinary descents. In this way, all those who are with us during the 10 days of the meeting are assured, if they wish, high-level non-stop activity.

The zones are the following:

ZONA 1: Base Camp, Sant Joan de les Abadesses. Click here for more information.

ZONA 2: Canigó. Click here for more information.

ZONA 3: Ariège, Click here for more information.

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The organization team will be managing the access time and the number of teams minimizing this way jams and improve fluidity in the canyons.

Weather information and water level of each canyon will be given every day by the organization team.

Navegación outdoor

Navegación outdoor

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Each canyon proposed for RIC2023.CAT has been checked by the organization.

Any regular sportsman knows that canyons that are in the natural environment are subject to variations in flow, adverse weather conditions or falling objects dragged down the slope. Therefore, the organizing team cannot be held responsible for the activity or the state of the canyon. It is for this reason that each participant is responsible for verifying and verifying the access and exit points, the situation of this and all the anchorages that he will use.

Each participant will have to assess the material they will need to face the descents and at the same time choose the activity that suits their physical condition and technical level. The vast majority are guns for NO beginners.

The RIC2023.CAT organization will not be responsible for safety in the canyons. The participants have to respect the weather conditions, the flows and the expected times of activity, each of them being responsible for himself and the group in which he participates.