Andrea FORNI (Vertical Water)

Great projects, great challenges

Andrea Forni, is "Isttore di Torrentismo" for the "Scuola Nazionale di torrentismo" of the "Italian Alpine Club (CAI)" and technician of the Association "Atività Sportive Confederate (ASC)" recognized by the "Nazionale Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) "

In 2012 with four more friends, he developed the Vertical Water project, with the intention of creating an interregional torrentism group that organized international expeditions.

Since then, the group has grown and has been consolidated as an association. Today it has more than 20 members who collaborate and participate actively in international expeditions and another fifty people who follow their adventures, occasionally participating in projects in both Italy and abroad.

Among the most important projects, it must be highlighted:

  • "Chamje Khola 2019 The Italian Job". Where the integral of the Chamjé Khola canyon was managed for the first time, which is right in the heart of the Nepali Himalayas, between the Annapurnal mountains (8091m) and Manaslu (8163m).
  • "Endless Waterfall Adventure (EWA)", the adventure of endless waterfalls. The objective is to descend the 14 highest cataracts in the world with an unevenness of more than 800 meters. The first expedition of the EWA project was in Switzerland, in 2020, the Mattenbachfälle cascade descended. The second expedition of the EWA project was carried out in Norway, in 2022, with the exploration of the two cascades of Kjerrskredfossen and Vinnufossen.

In these moments vertical Water is immersed in the organization of the “International Canyoning Meeting 2023” that will be carried out in Albania from May 6 to 12.

Andrea will tell us about Vertical Water and her EWA project. It will explain in depth as it faces and technically face the descent of the most monstrous waterfalls in the world (risk management, key points, material, logistics, technique ...). We cannot miss it.