Exploration, progression techniques, technical material, risk management in hostile environments

Daniel PLANELLS MORA, known, above all, for being the coordinator of the Viking Open Canyon team and for being one of the high-level athletes that we currently have in our country in the specialty of canyoning. In his record are a multitude of trips and expeditions, the most relevant being: the 6 expeditions he has made to Norway (the most recent in 2023, where two canyons have been opened in extreme winter conditions: the Glera and the Marakelva ).

In his curriculum, Daniel has the coordination, in 2017, of a canyoning expedition in Albania, different openings in Switzerland, the Valencian Community, the Pyrenees, in 2018 and 2019 he was a member of the Costa Rica Open Canyon expedition, and has made various trips around the world: Reunion Island, Madeira, Azores, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, France...

In addition, all this activity is combined with the presidency of the Club: "Cabres de Muntanya - Speleology and Canyoning", in the Valencian Community.

Daniel will talk to us in depth about the opening of canyons in extreme winter conditions, he will show us the documentary made by Viking Open Canyon called: “Glera y Marakelva, AL LÍMITE DE LA LOCURA”. He will tell us first hand about his vivid experience in opening these two ravines, he will also talk about risk management in this type of descent and two key points: the choice of personal material and collective material.