Presentation of the book - Safety on descents

Passionate about adventure sports and mountains, he is a Sports Technician in Canyoning and Medium Mountain, Aquatic Rescue and First Aid Technician, with years of experience as a guide and trainer in canyoning in the Andalusian Federation of Speleology. And due to his profession, he is a specialist in policing in natural disasters. President of the Dynamic Sports Club of Malaga. He has made a multitude of trips: Switzerland, Italy, Morocco, the island of Madeira (Portugal), the island of La Reunion (France)... And to add something else to his extensive curriculum, he has carried out a multitude of re-equipments in Andalusian territory and He is co-founder and administrator of the page "CAUDALES BARRANCOS ANDALUCÍA" on Facebook.

Andalusia could be defined as the region of diversity, and the cause could be that it has the territories with the least and greatest rainfall (Cabo de Gata and Grazalema), as well as national parks as heterogeneous as Sierra Nevada and Doñana. Undoubtedly, an exceptional adventure terrain where you will find some of the best canyoning in the Iberian Peninsula. For this reason, reviewing the 30 best canyons in Andalusia is a practically impossible task, since each canyoner has their list of the best. Although, there are usually coincidences about which one is the best with respect to a specific characteristic, for example, which one is the most playful? The vast majority would answer that Río Verde; or which is the most spectacular? Well, it is likely that the cathedral of the ravines of Andalusia: Buitreras; or which is the most difficult and technical? Surely they would answer that Trevélez. This guide compiles those descents that for some reason have some charm or characteristic that make it special. This guide will help you get to know them and delve into their channels.

David will not only dedicate himself to introducing us to the guide, but he will pay special attention to the Trevélez ravine, the most mythical and complex descent in Andalusia, only suitable for knowledgeable experts with a strong flow, a ravine that will put us to the test both physically and technically. , where slipstreams, drosages, siphons, washing machines and tremendously slippery aerial handrails must be faced, all with the added difficulty of the orange color of its waters. David will show us his secrets and the most optimal strategies to plan and face it with maximum security.