Aquatic progression techniques, increased sports performance

Mother, athlete (canyoning, via ferrata, climbing, mountaineering, swimming...), health worker, educator for people with disabilities, Director of a Therapy Center specialized in Chinese medicine (acupuncture, osteopathy, psychotherapy, energy nutrition, qi gong- taichi), teaches courses and workshops related to his center for health professionals and associations, President of the first Ibero-American Association of Scientific Acupuncture where the relationship of Chinese medicine with sports performance and nature enthusiast is studied, make the cocktail perfect to dedicate your life to sport, to the observation of the environment in which we operate and to the integrative personal management of the individual.

After her general experience and as a trainer, monitor and aquatic lifeguard, she understands the need to optimize movement in aquatic progression in canyons, accompanied by the benefits of good breathing in situations of stress or overexertion, all from the perspective of adapt the technique according to individual needs and aptitudes to obtain the best performance from the canyoner.

Emma will give us tools to improve our swimming technique in the aquatic progression in canyons and increase our sports performance together with good technique and management of our breathing.