Geomorphology: landscape analysis and prediction

We practice canyoning to have fun and experience emotions: we jump, we slide, we overcome large and small waterfalls, we fight against the obstacles produced by the flow of water and we are amazed by the beauty of the landscapes we perceive.

But by the way, why is a canyon beautiful and sculpted? Why is this waterfall so big? Why is there always water in this canyon and not the other one? How did this fish end up in the middle of these waterfalls?, etc.

Trying to answer a little to all these questions, we can (re)discover canyoning in another way and marvel even more at the splendid rivers that we cross. We may discover that we are not the only ones to frequent the canyons and that particularly rich biodiversity often abounds. Sometimes we are not the first humans either. Our ancestors also frequented the canyons for a long time.

But knowledge of canyons is not just a simple intellectual pleasure. This new aspect also reveals all existing threats: global warming, pollution, development or overpopulation.

Johan BERTHER is a doctor in geomorphology, canyoner and speleologist, president and founder of Styx4D: office for applied research in geomorphology. Johan will lead a workshop in a canyon, then he will do a MasterClass for everyone, based on his work and the explorations he has done in France and the rest of the world.