Psychology, increased sports performance
MANAGING FEAR and other emotions in the practice of canyoning

Passionate about nature and the mountains, she practices sports such as canyoning, caving, mid-mountain, ferrata, climbing and water sports such as kayaking and paddle surfing. In recent years she has made many trips, the most notable being the island of Madeira (Portugal) and the island of La Reunion (France).

Nuria has a degree in psychology. She has given virtual presentations on the management of fear in the mountains and psychological factors, and has collaborated in the creation of the recent guide "BARRANCOS DE ANDALUCÍA-30 DESCENSOS" by David PRIETO. She is also part of the board of directors of Club Deportivo Dinámicos, from Malaga.

Nuria will define for us WHAT FEAR IS and how we can manage it individually and in groups. She will also give us tools to face it and increase our sports performance.