Presentation of the book

Pascal began to explore, in 1993, the canyons of Lombardy and northern Italy, as a result of these explorations, he published two guides, the first, in 2005, "CANYONING in Lombardia" and the second, in 2009, "CANYONING Nord Italia". ".

Little by little, traveling, visiting and exploring in other countries, he has reached the figure of 200 openings of new descents.

Pascal is a UIAGM Mountain Guide, instructor of the "Canyoning Guide Alpine" specialization courses at the "Collegio Nazionale Guide Alpine Italiano" and in 2019 he obtained the certificate of specialization in speleology.

In summer he works as a canyoning guide in Ticino and in Val Bodengo, near Lake Como. In winter, he ski touring in the Alps.

In his travels he has visited and explored Switzerland, La Réunion, the United States, Zambia, Algeria, Montenegro, Greece, Jordan, Slovenia, Bosnia and Morocco. In 2017 he began to explore new canyons in Albania, where he has made a total of 8 expeditions.

Pascal will present us with the result of 6 years of exploration in Albania, including the most recent declines (2022). The new guide includes a full description of the 49 most interesting canyons and brief details on an additional 35 canyons.