Quico de Ibi

Technical equipment

Francisco José MARTÍNEZ, better known as "Quico de Ibi", a great speleologist and great canyoner, is a Technical Specialist in Tooling and Molds, he is part of the Aragonese Espeleosocorro (ESA), of the Himalayan Canyon Exploration group (ECH), he has carried out multitude of high-level activities, including the re-equipment of the Great Gavarnie Waterfall on its orographic left side, and has traveled halfway around the world: Nepal, Switzerland, France...

Responsible for the SPELEOS Caving and Canyoning Club.

Quico will present us with the only plate specifically designed to be used in light exploration techniques in canyoning and speleology. It is the 2nd version, totally improved, due to the experience in its use, especially due to the experience in Nepal of the group "Exploration of Canyons in Himalayas (ECH)".