Self-improvement, adventures, life change, profession...

Passionate about canyoning since she was 8 years old. After several years trapped in a job that didn't quite make her happy, she turned her hobby into her job... so that every day would be a party!

After completing her training as a TD2 canyoning guide (Aragonese school) she discovered a new passion in expeditions and openings in Albania, Costa Rica and Bolivia; to which she has been able to add some opening in the Aragonese Pyrenees, Corsica and Crete, as well as some occasional re-equipment in various descents.

She loves training, teaching and sharing her experience. She is always ready to provide information to whoever needs it. “It has become a way of life.” When the spring and summer seasons end, he continues traveling to discover incredible places: Spain, France, Sardinia, Corsica, Madeira, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Crete, Reunion Island... where each descent counts as if it were the last

Sally will show us her vision of life and her profession through her life experiences in canyoning, she will give us details of her adventures and she will explain the situations she has lived through, good and bad. We will see how a female athlete and professional has evolved in this specialty, which is canyoning, making and getting her life to revolve through her passion and her profession.

It is not the adventure that counts, but who accompanies you!