TOROS Canyoning Group

Exploration, progression techniques in hostile environments

Costa Rica is known throughout the world for its beaches and mountains, but some of its most incredible landscapes are still hidden in deep canyons, where water and millennia have sculpted incomparable landscapes: vertiginous waterfalls, narrow and deep corridors, pools of water crystalline. Toros Canyoning Group takes advantage of the techniques of the sport of canyoning to go where no one has gone before, documenting the routes in detail and photographing the jewels that Costa Rica continues to hide.

TOROS CANYONING GROUP is a canyon exploration group specialized in opening volcanic routes in Costa Rica. Since 2016, he has explored more than 12 volcanic descents that have placed Costa Rica on the world canyoning map.

The volcanic canyon project seeks to explore, document and expose to the public the information of all the open routes, in order to promote the sport of canyoning in the country and position Costa Rica as a world benchmark.

TOROS CANYONING GROUP, will present us with the challenges that it has had to face and faces in the exploration of canyoning in volcanic areas. He will explain to us how, in the beginning, they had to use speleological techniques to access the most remote places. They will tell us about the equipment and installation of the rope in an acid environment (due to volcanic eruptions), about how the materials used on a personal and collective level behave with respect to acidity. And they will give us details of the planning of their explorations and the unforeseen events they have had to face.