Equipment criteria and techniques

He is known above all for being the promoter and administrator of the "infoequipamiento(barrancos)" group on Facebook, which is the most important Spanish-speaking community in the world today, whose main theme is canyoning equipment.

He has practiced canyoning and speleology since the late 90s, which has caused him to be present during the evolution of the discipline of canyoning, experiencing different circumstances, both in the field of technical development and the evolution of materials. , such as the promotion of sport, as well as the development of training structures, participating in the creation of the training plan for their region,

He is a Sports Technician in Speleology by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports and Instructor / Sports Director in Speleology and Canyoning by the Catalan Federation of Speleology. He has made many trips to Europe, Asia, Africa, America, the most relevant being the island of La Reunion, Cape Verde (Santo Antao), Irian Jaya (Indonesia), Colombia (Antioquia) and Brazil (Praia Grande). . Also during a time he dedicated himself to making the great Spanish and French caving journeys: Tête Sauvage-Verna, B15-B1, Alba System, Cueto-Coventosa... He also carried out speleological explorations in the Pyrenees, his greatest challenge being exploration from the Foratón de Tendeñera to -1,000 m.

As far as equipment is concerned, for the last 5 years he has led the group in charge of supervising and re-equipping the most emblematic descents in his region.

Xavi will try to convey to us very important concepts in regards to canyoning equipment: The concept of "Safety Fixing" and the uses and distribution of fixings at the headlands or meetings in canyoning. The objective is to reflect on current criteria and techniques and bring about the necessary changes in the equipment in the spirit of increasing safety, efficiency and the range of maneuvers that we can carry out in the equipment that is currently carried out.